Melbourne Metropolitan Pool League

Grand Final Results

Congratulations to the Quarry Cannons and the Magnums for winning their Grand Final matches on Tuesday night!

There were some tense matches going on at the Division A table, with Quarry pulling away in the second round and holding on to their lead. Well played by the Baize Invaders, who held their own, but unfortunately couldn’t get the wins they needed.

Division B was another story, both teams played exceptionally. Both teams were neck and neck right up until the last game, with Hotel Kew winning the 20th frame with a score of 10 to 10 and taking it to a tiebreaker. Tiebreak was well played by both teams, but ultimately the night was taken out by Newman Pinto, winning the last of three games and securing the cup for the Magnums!

Without a doubt the most interesting part of the night was this shot.


Find the Grand Final outcome as well as the Summer MVP Stats Sheet here.

MMPL MVP S16 Stats


Winter 2017 Fixture and Teams

With the Summer season over, we look to the longer Winter season. Details have yet to be finalised regarding the start date, number of divisions and teams and fixture. Captains and Delegates will be notified as soon as we have this information locked in.

We’re also looking for new players and teams to help fill out our Winter 2017 roster. If you have a team, or are interested in playing, reach out to us and we can find a venue for you!


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Melbourne Metropolitan Pool League Inc. (MMPL) is a non-profit organisation established to promote and co-ordinate the sport of 8-Ball in the inner district of Melbourne. The MMPL conducts two seasons of competition annually, the more highly-regarded one in winter (April to September – usually about 18 rounds) and the less-serious one in summer (November to March – usually about 9 rounds), in which up to 20 separate venues participate in the Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas.