Melbourne Metropolitan Pool League

Round 7 Results



Summer 2016 Fixture and Captains & Delegates

The MMPL Summer 2016-17 season consists of 2 divisions; 10 teams in division A, and 7 teams in division B. Teams play each other team once, with an even number of “home” and “away” games where possible.

Each match commences at 7:00pm each Tuesday night and consists of 20 frames, with a best-of-three tiebreaker if frame totals are 10-10 apiece at the end of the 20th frame.

The “home” team breaks in all first round frames, while the “away” team umpires,  alternating in subsequent rounds.

Each match consists of 4 rounds of a minimum 5 players, with up to 3 substitutes allowed after the first round (substitutes must be notified to the opposing captain before the commencement of the next round); if a tiebreaker is required, the 3 players must be nominated before the commencement of the first tiebreaker frame.

Each captain is to submit a completed scoresheet no later than 6:00pm Thursday following the match. PLEASE NOTE: as this is my first season completing stats, timely scoresheets will help me greatly with timely stats. Most people have smart phones, it should not be hard to send me the scoresheet on the night.

Player Registration forms are to be lodged no later than 10 days after first playing. If you have completed a player registration form for Summer 2015 or Winter 2016, you are exempt.

Player Registration fees are $30 per player and are to be lodged no later than 10 days after first playing.

Summer Documents & Resources:
MMPL SUMMER 2016 – 3 C&Ds


Thanks and Apologies

Many thanks to Terry Woodhouse for all his hard work doing the stats and general club organisation. I’d like to apologise in advance for any teething issues, but we’ve got big things in the works. We should have a new website to test out in the coming weeks, as well as a more consistent social media presence for timely information sharing!



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Melbourne Metropolitan Pool League Inc. (MMPL) is a non-profit organisation established to promote and co-ordinate the sport of 8-Ball in the inner district of Melbourne. The MMPL conducts two seasons of competition annually, the more highly-regarded one in winter (April to September – usually about 18 rounds) and the less-serious one in summer (November to March – usually about 9 rounds), in which up to 20 separate venues participate in the Melbourne CBD and surrounding areas.