About Our Club

Mission Statement

For a non-profit social club, this is fairly straightforward but worth mentioning. We at the MMPL strive for a safe, friendly and open environment in order to be as welcoming to newcomers as we possibly can. We want to share our knowledge and love for the game of pool, and provide a competition to improve our skills and measure achievements. Most importantly, it should be fun.

Things to come

With the introduction of this new website, we have a few interesting things on the horizon to make the entire MMPL more accessible to veterans and newcomers alike. Here are a few things on the roadmap to keep an eye out for:

  • Introduce an automated ladder system to handle score crunching, and take the load off our statistician.
  • Publish, promote and run more standalone or cash events to improve new team and player uptake.
  • Improve social media presence to help promote individual events, as well as more effectively disseminate information to players.
  • Automate player information and user preferences regarding email notifications.
  • Further improvements to this website, bringing in as much relevant information as possible such as events and venues.